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GE Movie 'Predator' mini gun: What is the average force on the arm when firing it, average torque in his axis of rotation

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A fantastic piece of engineering by General Electric was featured on "Predator", the mini-gun. Suppose Arnold holds the gun one foot (.300 meters) from his axis of rotation, firing perpendicular to said axis. His mini-gun shoots Russian 7.62x39 (8.11 grams, 671m/s) at cyclic rate of 3000 rounds per minute. What is the average force his arm is feeling firing the mini-gun, and what is the average torque he is experiencing about his axis of rotation?

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In four detailed steps, the problem is solved. The average force and torque on the arm when firing a gun is found.

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NOTE: You show the mass of each bullet as M= .00811 kg with speed v= 671 m/s.
The bullets are fired tangential to the circle of radius R= .300 ...

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