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Understanding strength and torque.

1 Provide an example of torque that is important in your sport?

2. Define strength and explain why strength varies through a joints range of motion?

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1) Well, I play football in the summer (Canadian football, with the oblong ball you don't actually use your feet on) and I curl in the winter. Torque is very important in both sports, as is angular momentum. In football, as you release the ball you apply a downward torque with your fingers, which gets the ball spinning. That helps stabilize the ball in flight (due to conservation of angular momentum). Similarly, a torque is applied to a curling rock as it is being released to set it spinning and control its trajectory -- except in curling, the aim is not to get a straighter path but actually one that curls (hence the name of the sport).

2) Strength is actually a little tough to define exactly, but let's call it the ability to exert force or bear loads. Strength comes from your muscles acting on your ...

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The expert provides examples of torque that is important to sports. Why the strength varied through a joint range of motion is given.