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    Rank Circuits in order of potential at an indicated point

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    Consider the six circuits shown below. Each circuit has a battery (6 V or 12 V) and a combination of series resistors. All resistors have the same value. We will consider the value of the potential at the indicated point in each circuit. Rank these circuits in order of the magnitude of the electric potential at the indicated point, starting with the largest potential (rank 1) and going to the smallest (rank 5).
    Point F, Point A, Point C, Point E, Point D

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    For circuit A: 8 V. Because each resistor is the same, the potential drop across each resistor is the same, that is, the potential drop across each resistor is 12 V / 3 = 4 V. Therefore, when the current passes through only one resistor, the potential becomes 8 V.
    For circuit B: 6 V. The current has not passed through any resistor yet. ...

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    The expert ranks circuits in order of potential at an indicated point.