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Electrical Circuits and Current: Krichoff's Laws

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In the circuit in Doc 5. - Please find the current in each resistor and the power supplied by each source of EMF

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The electrical circuit with number of resistances and batteries is given and the current in each resistor and the power drawn from the sources are calculated using Kirchoff's laws.

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This type of circuits can be solved using Kirchaff's laws.

The first law says that at any junction in the circuit the net current is zero or the total inward current is equal to the total out ward current and hence applying this law at the junction point B we have

I1 + I2 = I3 ---------- (1)

The second law says that the total drop in potential in a closed loop is equal to the total EMF in the circuit


Where E is the EMF of a cell, I is the current and R is the ...

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