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Discussion on formation of rocky and gaseous planets

Discuss why the inner planets are rocky, and the outer planets are gaseous. If the Sun was substantially hotter than it is today would the range of gaseous planets in general be positioned further away from the sun then they are today? Discuss why or why not? Why is Pluto no longer considered a Planet?

Any assistance with questions would be helpful. I don't understand if planets would ever move depending on temperature because if that were the case, wouldn't they have already moved since the sun is continually increasing in temperature according to all the fuss about global warming?

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The main reason the inner planets are rocky while the outer planets are gaseous has to do with the types of elements that make up the solar system as well as the Sun itself. You see, when the sun had first formed and the planets had not yet begun to come together, every protoplanet had pretty much the same composition: a mix of hydrogen, helium, as well as other heavier elements and compounds. The early sun was very weak in output, but it still produced a large amount of energy and energetic particles that radiated outward in all ...

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In this solution I discuss why the rocky planets are rocky and the gaseous planets gaseous. I also discuss why Pluto is no longer considered a planet.