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    Constellations - people & animals ?

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    Why do you think ancient people took so much time to describe the stars as people and animals? (See attachment for full questions)

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    Constellations are patterns of stars visible from Earth in the sky at night. The stars in any given constellation form a pattern only as they appear from Earth and are usually many light years apart from each other. Although the positions of the constellations as they appear in the sky change over the course of a year, they are constant and predictable from year to year.

    Many ancient civilizations organized the sky into constellation patterns. They associated these star patterns with stories or images of mythological creatures and heroes. The particular stars grouped into an individual constellation varied from one civilization to another. More than half of the constellations recognized today were identified by the ancient Greeks.

    One example of dramatic creativity might be Canis Minor. Under normal circumstances anyone - including a mathematical genius - would struggle to construct anything other than a ...

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