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    scattering angle, wavelenght, and speed for the electron

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    3. A 0.650 MeV photon scatters off a free electron such that the scattering angle of the photon is twice the scattering angle of the electron (Fig. P40.31).

    (a) Determine the scattering angle for the electron.
    [ ]°
    (b) Determine the final speed of the electron.
    [ ]c

    4. A photon having wavelength lamda scatters off a free electron at A (Fig. P40.32), producing a second photon having wavelength lamda'. This photon then scatters off another free electron at B, producing a third photon having wavelength lamda" and moving in a direction directly opposite the original photon as shown in Figure P40.32. Determine the numerical value of delta(lamda) = lamda" - lamda.
    [ ] nm

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    The solution shows how to calculate the scattering angle, speed, and the wavelength of the electron, which is scattered off by a photon (see attachment).