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    Modern Physics: Photoelecric effect and Compton scattering

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    1) plancks constant and work function

    2) photon energy, electron kinetic, direction

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    Phototubes operate on the principle of photoelectric effect. This effect is showing the particle nature of the light. When light of sufficiently small wavelength incident on the metal plate, the emission of electrons from the surface of metal takes place. For every metal there is a cut off wavelength called threshold wavelength above that no emission of electrons takes place and the tube is cut-off.

    The energy of photon of light is inversely proportional to the wavelength of light hence energy of photons of the light decreases with the wavelength. If the wavelength of light is larger then threshold wavelength, the photons are not having sufficient energy to extract electrons from the surface of that metal. This minimum energy required to extract electron from the ...

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    Two basic problems to understand the phenomenon.