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Radiological Physics

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a. The electrons that are boiled off the filament are attracted to the ___________.
b. The area on the target that the electrons strike is called the_________________.
c. The angle on the anode is usually between ____and ____degrees.
d. The exposure factor, ______, controls the speed of electrons flowing from the cathode to the anode.
e. The anode should be constructed of a material that has a high atomic number and high melting point. Two examples of suitable material are _________and____________.

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In a x-ray tube, there are two main structures: the filament and the anode. To generate x-rays, electrons need to interact with a material with high atomic number, as they can thus manipulate the trajectory of flying electrons easier, and also allow for more electron-electron interactions to occur (because in comparison, low atomic number = less attractive force from the nucleus and generally less electrons as well). The higher melting point is required because the ...

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The radiological physics targets are discussed.

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Bremsstrahlung and Radiological Physics

6. Electron interactions were characterized by a ratio "b/a". The ratio "b/a" represents:
a) Orbital electron distance to nuclear radius
b) Photon wavelength to atomic radius
c) Impact parameter to atomic radius
d) Orbital electron radius to nuclear radius

7. The electron-electron interaction that results in brehmsstrahlung results when the ratio of the "Impact parameter to atomic radius is"
a) Much less than 1
b) Approximately equal to 1
c) Much more than 1
d) Non-existent

8. Which material would be the most appropriate for the target in the head of a linac based only on ability to produce brehmsstrahlung
a) Helium (Z = 2)
b) Sodium (Z = 11)
c) Iodine (Z - 53)
d) Tungsten (Z = 74)

9. Which class of dose calculation algorithm is the most accurate for radiation therapy?
a) Correction-based
b) Mode based
c) Monte Carlo
d) All of the above

10. Monte Carlo is
a) A city in Monaco
b) A way to solve tough problems using statistical sampling
c) An accurate but computationally-expensive way to simulate radiation transport
d) All of the above.

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