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Telescope Optics

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A severely near-sighted sailor on a ship is asked to be on the lookout for icebergs on the horizon. To do so, he is given a Newtonian Telescope with f(objective) = 30cm and f(eyepiece)= 5 cm (see diagram in attached file).
a. If the sailor's relaxed eye focuses objects at a distance of 1m (his far-point distance), how far apart d must the telescope lenses be for the sailor to see a clear image of an iceberg?
b. With what angular magnification does the sailor see an iceberg on the horizon?
c. Is the iceberg image real or virtual? Upright or inverted?

See the attached file.

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Solution Summary

This solution contains an elaborate diagram to illustrate how the sailor's relaxed eye sees through the Newtonian telescope. The values of 'd' and angular magnification are calculated and shown on the diagram.

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