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Application Of Newton's Second Law

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A 400-kg ice boat moves on runners on essentially frictionless ice. A steady wind blows, applying a constant force to the sail. At the end of an 8.0s run, the acceleration is 0.50 m/s^2.

a. What is the acceleration at the beginning of the run?

b. What was the force due to the wind?

c. What retarding force must be applied at the end of an 4.0s to bring the ice to rest by th end of the next 4s? (The wind is still blowing. Assume the boat was at rest at time t=0.

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The solution provides full explanation regarding the relationship between mass, force and acceleration as determined by Newton's second law of motion.
The solution contains 3 pages of text explanations and mathematical expressions.

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Here is the strategy to solve part c:
1. Calculate the velocity at the ...

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