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Newton's laws of motion with acceleration

(Please see the attachment for fig.)

Determine the acceleration of bodies A and B and the tension in the (non stretching) cable due to the application of the 60 lb force. Neglect all frictional forces and the masses of the pulleys. (mass will be in slugs)

Find 1. Acceleration of A
2. Acceleration of B
3. Tension in the Cable

Please draw FBD of each body!! ( ie A and B) separately


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(Please refer attachment for figs)

As the pulleys are mass less : F(A) = 2T ....(1) and F(B) = 2T ......(2)

Free body diagrams of A and B (Please refer attachment)

m(A) = 150/32.2 slugs = 4.66 slugs ...

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