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    Finding heat and work energy transferred from a fluid under pressure.

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    A cylinder contains .014 cubic metres of a fluid at 700kpa, having a specific enthalpy of 695kj/kg and a specific volume of .00125 cubic metres per kg. Heat energy is supplied until the volume of the fluid becomes .28cubic metres, the pressure remains constant at 700kpa. If the final specific internal energy of the fluid is 885kj/kg. What is the mass of the fluid, the final specific volume, work energy transfered and the heat energy supplied?

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    Mass of the fluid
    m = m1 = m2 = V1/U = 0.014/0.00125 = 11.2 kg

    Work energy ...

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    The heat and work energy transferred from a fluid under pressure is found. Solution includes formulas, answers, and illustration attached.