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DV & IV in the effects of lighting on employee morale

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Suppose you were interested in determining the effect of lighting on the morale of your employees. How would you go about obtaining data for your research? What would be your dependent and independent variables? How would you determine the ideal amount of lighting?

Please use a real life situation, like an Insurance office and please, please keep it simple and to the point.

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A real-life situation is analyzed to determine dependent and independent variables and an ideal value.

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I'm an observational research person and here I have tried my best to put the all possibilities in this research work. If, by chance, I have missed some variable please pardon me and add from your side.
But I'll like to say that no one is 100% perfect in deciding the factors at once which can affect a research one is going to start.

Objective: To determine the effect of lighting on the morale of employees.


Put the lighting sources in the following positions with respect to the employee's position:

1.) just on top
2.) left side
3.) right side
4.) in front

All these sources should be of varying intensities i.e. tunable intensities.

The sources can emit the light in whole ...

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