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    I don't think I would use an anova because I don't have two levels on conditions or two independent variables. I think I would need to use the t-test then. I could divide the employees into two equal groups and compare the means of the two groups. So, my question would be, what would your independent variables be? Employees who are asked to work mandatory overtime, and employees who are not? Would you be judging morale? Sick days? I think this would be a very relevant study to give to some bosses!

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    Let us look at an experiment.

    An experiment is set up where you have an independent variable (IV). This is something that you would manipulate. Then, you observe the outcome of the manipulation, and see if there is any changes in behavior. This would be called the dependent variable (DV). You only have one IV in an experiment. You want to try to control every other factor in the experiment to make it as clear as ...

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    ANOVA usage is considered.