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    Hydrostatics/Hydrodynamics: Pressure and Bernoulli equation

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    Water is flowing upward in the vertical duct as shown (in the figure in the attachment). The velocity at the inlet (station 1) is 100 ft/s, and the area ratio between station 1 and 2 is 0.6 (A2/A1 = 0.6). Two pressure taps, 10 ft apart, are connected to a differential manometer, as shown. The specific gravity of the manometer fluid is 4.0. Find the deflection delta_h of the manometer.

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    According to equation of continuity the product of area of cross-section and velocity at all points in a tube remains same (if the fluid is incompressible). Thus velocity at point 2 is given by

    A2 ...

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    Water is flowing in a vertical duct, the pressure difference and thus the deflection of liquid in a manometer attached is determined.