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    Specific Activity

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    a) Tritium (H-3) has a radiological half-life of 12.3 years. What is its specific activity in units of Bq/g and Ci/g?

    b) A 0.2 gram sample of Kr-85 gas, which decays into stable Rb-85, is accidentally broken and escapes into a sealed warehouse measuring 40 x 30 x 20 m. What is the specific activity of the air inside in Bq/cm^3? (This is the airborne concentration.)

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    a) Specific Activity (Bq/g) = kN = (0.693/T1/2) × (6.023 × 1023)/A
    A = Atomic Weight = 3 , T1/2 = 12.32
    Therefore, Specific Activity (Bq/g) = 1.1293 x 1022
    Specific Activity (Ci/g) = (Specific Activity, ...

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