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Find the remaining amount for the decay function

The half-life (the time required for the body to eliminate one-half of the total amount of caffeine) varies widely depending on factors such as: age; liver function; pregnancy; medications. In healthy adults, the half life is approximately 5 hours. Mr. Math LOVES McDonald's Diet Coke, and drinks the big 32oz one, which contains 121.6 mg of caffeine.
a. State the equation of a function to represent the amount, A, of caffeine (in mg) left in Mr. Math's system after n hours, assuming he consumes no more caffeine.
b. How much caffeine is in his system after 2 hours? Round to 1 decimal place. c. If you were to
graph this relationship (time vs. amount of caffeine in body) for Mr. Math, then how would the graph change for Mrs. Math who is pregnant, and requires a much longer time to metabolize caffeine.

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