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    Beams of Monoenergetic Neutrons

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    Two beams of monoenergetic neutrons with energy equal 1eV intersect at an angle of 90 degrees. The density of neutrons in both beams is 2x10^8n/cm3.

    a) Calculate the intensity (current) of each beam.
    b) Calculate the neutron flux where the two beams intersect.
    c) Calculate the neutron current where the two beams intersect.

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    Because, energy of neutron,
    E = 1eV = 1.6*10^(-19) J = (1/2)*m*v^2
    m = mass of a neutron = 1.67*10^(-27) kg
    v = velocity of a neutron
    => v = sqrt(2*E/m) = ...

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