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Transfer time of text

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2. The text of the Encyclopaedia Britannica is about 44 million words. For a sample of about 2000 words, the average word length was 5.1 characters per word.
a. Approximately how many characters are there in the encyclopedia? (Be sure to
allow for spaces and punctuation between words.)
b. How long would it take to transmit the text over a T-1 line at 1.544 Mbps? On a
fiber optic link at 2.488 Gbps?

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Let's assume that there is one space between words and a punctuation code every 6th word.

So 5/6 of the words will have the length of 6.1 characters (word+space) while 1/6 of the words are 7.1 characters in length (wore+punctuation+space).

This ...

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