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    Rotational and translational equilibrium

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    1. A person lifts a 950 N box by pushing it up an incline. If the person exerts a force of 350 N along the incline, what is the mechanical advantage of the incline?

    2. A 0.100 kg meter-stick is supported at its 40.0 cm mark by a string attached to the ceiling. A 0.700 kg mass hangs vertically from the 5.00 cm mark. A mass is attached somewhere on the meter-stick to keep it horizontal and in both rotational and translational equilibrium. If the force applied by the string attaching the meter-stick to the ceiling is 19.6 N, determine the following:

    a. the value of the unknown mass,
    b. the point where the mass attaches to the stick.

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    Balancing of force and momentum is used to solve the second problem.