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    About a problem relating to rigid body in equilibrium

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    The asking problem:
    The uniform rod AB lies in a vertical plane. Its ends are connected to rollers which rest against frictionless surfaces. Determine the relation between the angles theta and alpha when the rod is in equilibrium.
    Note: This is a 2D problem and not a 3D. It was taken from the «Statics of Rigid Bodies in Two Dimensions» section of my static course. The files is in word97 format for PC and not for MAC. And this is all that I have as background information.

    My question is, how can I determine this relation in keeping with the equilibrium equation. I have none idea for this.

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    You apply the two neccessary conditions for equilibrium: rotational equilibrium, and translational equilibrium.

    This is done by picking a reference point, I chose point A. The sum of torques around point A is then set to zero. There are two torques, one caused by gravity call T1 and one caused by reaction force at point B, call T2

    T1 ...

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    The problems relating to rigid body in equilibrium are provided. The relation between the angle theta and alpha when the rof is in equilibrium is given.