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    Coefficient of friction

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    One end of a post weighing 500N and with height h rests on a rough horizontal surface coefficient of static friction equal to .40. The upper end is held by a rope fastened to the surface and making an angle of 37 degrees with the post (see attached figure). A horizontal force F is exerted on the post as show in the attached diagram.

    a) If the force F is applied at the midpoint of the post, what is the largest value it can have without causing the post to slip?

    b) How large can the force be, without causing the post to slip, if its point of application is 6/10 of the way from the ground to the top of the post?

    C) Show that if the point of application of the force is too high, the post cannot be made to slip, no matter how great the force. Find the critical height for the point of application?

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