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    Rotational Dynamics of a Solid Sphere

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    A solid sphere of mass 1.0 kg and radius 0.10 m rolls down a 10 m board which makes an angle of 30 degrees to the ground.

    (a) What will be the sphere's speed when it reaches the ground?

    (b) What will be it's rotational speed?

    (c) What total energy will it have?

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    a) Height of sphere above ground (h) =10 sin30 = 5m

    Potential Energy of sphere (PE) = mgh = 1.0 * 9.8 * 5 = 47.5J

    At the bottom of ramp, we have translational and ...

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    At the bottom of ramp, we have translational and rotational kinetic energy. The solution determines the sphere's speed, rotational speed and total energy.