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Physics Energy Problems

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A package of mass is released from rest at a warehouse loading dock and slides down a 3.0-m-high frictionless chute to a waiting truck. Unfortunately, the truck driver went on a break without having removed the previous package, of mass 2 , from the bottom of the chute.

Part A
Suppose the packages stick together. What is their common speed after the collision?
Part B
Suppose the collision between the packages is elastic. To what height does the package of mass rebound?
A block sliding along a horizontal frictionless surface with speed collides with a spring and compresses it by 2.0 cm. What will be the compression if the same block collides with the spring at a speed of
The figure is the potential-energy diagram for a 500 g particle that is released from rest at A.

What are the particle's speeds at B, C, and D?


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