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    4a. Consider the parallel plate capacitor, where the surface charge density is 0.02 uC/m^2, and the distance between the plate is 0.01m. What is the potential difference between the two plates?

    4b. What would be the change in potential energy of the electron as it moves from the negative plate to the positive plate?

    4c. Calculate the change in the Kinetic energy, and using this, calculate the final velocity.

    5a. Three charges, q1=0.03 uC, q2=0.02 uC, and q3=0.01 uC, are located at (0m, 0m), (0.1m, 0m) and (0m, 0.2m) respectively. Calculate the potential due to these charges at (0.2m, 0.2m).

    5b. What would be the electrical potential energy of a charge q4=0.05 uC, if it is placed at (0.2m, 0.2m)?

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