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    angular motion

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    1. The two spheres of equal mass m are able to slide along the rotating horizontal black rod. If they are initially latched in position a distance r from the axis of rotation with the assembly rotating freely with an angular velocity of Wo.
    Determine the new angular velocity Wf after the spheres are released and assume that positions at the end of the horizontal rotating rod is a distance of 2r from the axis of rotation.

    Also find the fraction n of the kinetic energy that was lost

    Show all work, assumptions and FBD

    2. A pendulum consisting of 2 3.2 kg concentrated masses are positioned as shown on a light rigid rod. The pendulum is swinging threw the vertical position with a clockwise angular velocity of W = 6 rads/sec when a 50 gram bullet (A) traveling with a velocity of 300 m/s traveling in the direction shown strikes the lower mass and becomes imbedded in it. Calculate the angular velocity Wf which the pendulum has immediately after impact and find the maximum angular deflection B of the pendulum

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