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parameters of simple harmonic motion

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An 0.50 kg object is attached to one end of a spring, and the system is set into simple harmonic motion. The displacement x of the object as a function of time is shown in the drawing below. With the aid of this data, determine the following values.

(a) amplitude A of the motion

(b) angular frequency

(c) spring constant k

(d) speed of the object at t = 1.0 s

(e) magnitude of the object's acceleration at t = 1.0 s

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(a) The amplitude A of the motion is A = 0.080 m

(b) the period of the motion is T = 4.0 s, then the frequency is f = 1/T = 0.25 Hz
so the angular frequency w= 2*pi*f ...

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The solution is comprised of detailed calculations of parameters related to simple harmonic motion, such as angular velocity, spring constant, speed, velocity, displacement.

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