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Description of Electromagnetics

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The EMF of a 377 ohm generator is a single pulse of 1 microsecond duration. The generator drives an infinite, 3 * 10e8 m/s, 377 ohm transmission line. Connected across the line, 1km away from the generator is a 754 ohm resistor. Another 754 ohm resistor is connected across the line 150m further away. The energy of the pulse launched on the line is 1 joule.

a) Plot as a function of time voltages appearing across the generator terminals.
b) The answer to the above question contains a simplistic illustration of some features of radar systems. Comment briefly on these features.

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This solution is provided in 358 words. It discusses reflection and radar in relation to detecting an object, specifically through using the reflection coefficient.

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First, I'll answer part 2 of the question. This example basically demonstrates how someone can detect the presence of an object by it's reflection, i.e, radar. We send out an EM signal, and when that signal encounters an object, it gets reflected. Depending on the arrival time, we can determine how far away that object is.

To solve the problem, we have to first find the length of the transmission line in terms of seconds. Let us label 3 points on the ...

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