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    Physics: ABCD is a conducting wire, magnetic flux, induced EMF, resistance, current

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    In the figure, ABCD is a conducting wire. A conducting bar EF is laid on top of the wire and slid toward BC with a speed of .030 m/sec. A constant magnetic field B of 2.0*10^(-5)Tesla points out of the paper. The length of BC is 1.5m and the distance of the bar from EF is initially 2.0m.

    1) What is the initial magnetic flux through the rectangle formed by the conducting wire and the bar?

    2) What is the magnetic flux after 2.0 seconds?

    3) What is the induced emf in the conducting wire and bar?

    4) If the resistance of the wire and the bar together is 2.5 ohms, what current flows through the wire and bar?

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    Your figure is bit confusing, because it shows both BC and AD as closed one. Though actually, one of two BC or AD should be open.
    I'm assuming that AD is open.

    Initial magnetic flux (phi_o) = B*Ao
    B = 2.0*10^(-5) T
    Ao = length * width = 2* 1.5 = 3 m^2
    phi_o = 2.0*10^(-5)*3 = 6.0*10^(-5) weber --Answer

    After 2 ...

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