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Lenz's Law for direction of induced current in a loop of wire

A loop of wire is lying flat on a tabletop. A uniform magnetic field is directed vertically UPWARDS such that it is perpendicular to the tabletop (and the loop). Beyond the edge of the table, the magnetic field is zero. Imagine that you are looking DOWN on the loop from above. Which of the following statements are true about the induced EMF in the wire loop? You will have to refer to Lenz's Law in order to determine the direction of the induced current. (True/False problem)

1- If you keep the loop on the table, but pull it to the right, there will be no induced current at all

2- If you pull the loop out of the field (by sliding it off the table), the induced current will be in a clockwise direction

3- If the magnetic field suddenly increases, the induced current will be in a counter-clockwise direction

4- If the loop suddenly shrinks in size, the induced current will be in a clockwise direction

5- Lenz's Law states that the induced current always leads to a magnetic field that OPPOSES the change in magnetic flux

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