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    Average electric field strength and average magnetic field strength

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    A laser emits 1.30 1018 photons per second in a beam of light that has a diameter of 1.82 mm and a wavelength of 514.5 nm. Determine average electric field strength and average magnetic field strength. Answer in N/C and T.

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    No. of photons emitted per sec (n) = 1.30*10^(18)
    wavelength (l) = 514.5*10^(-9) m
    speed of light = c = 3*10^8 m/s
    Energy per photon (E) = h*c/l
    h = planck's constant = 6.67*10^(-34) J.s
    E = 6.67*10^(-34)*3*10^8/(514.5*10^(-9))
    => E =6.67*3*10^(-34+8+9)/514.5 = ...

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    The answer is given step-by-step equationally. The average electric field strengths and average magnetic field strengths are determined.