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Physics: For a dipole, find the electric field at a point, force on the electron

Consider a dipole where there is a charge of -6 uC at the point (2X10^-10 m,0) and a charge of +6 uC at the point (+2X10^-10 m,0).

I. Find the electric field at a point (0, +5X10^-10m)
II. An electron is placed at a point (0, +5X10^-10m) in the electric field produced in I. Find the force on the electron.

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separation between two charges of dipole:
2l = 2*10^(-10) - (-2)*10^(-10) = 4*10^(-10) m
=> l = 2*10^(-10) m
point where electric field is to be calculated = (0, 5*10^(-10) m)
Because the dipole is symmetric about y-axis, i.e., y axis will be tanB ...

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