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1. In your own words, explain the meaning of the following terms:

a. Traverse waves
b. Longitudinal waves
c. Standing waves
d. Shock waves

2. Police use Doppler radar to detect speeding cars. Explain how the Doppler effect is used in this application.

3. A person in a cave emits a sound and receives and echo 2.5 seconds later. How far is that person away from the wall?

4. Why do soldiers break step in marching over a bridge?

5. Jet aircraft mechanics wearing ear protectors are able to converse with each other because the ear protectors block out the sound of the jet engine. What physics concept would account for this?

6. Suppose you call your dog with an average intensity level of 80 decibels (db). How much more sound energy would you have to put into each call to:

a. Increase to 90 db?
b. Increase to 100 db?

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This solution is comprised of detailed discussion of the given questions and provides students with a clear perspective of the underlying concepts.

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