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Calculate net force on charge, net electric field, initial acceleration, mass, point, force

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Calculate net force on charge, net electric field, initial acceleration, see attached jpg for question

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Force due to charge on q2 by the charges q1 and q3 will be calculated by using Coulomb's law
Coulomb's law is defined as

Value of K is equal to 1/40
where o is permittivity of free space .Its volume is 8.85 x 10-12 c2/Nm2.
Thus in S.I. system numerical value of K is 8.98755 x 109 Nm2c-2.

For q1 charge
Distance between two charges is given in the figure which is r = 0.5 m
Here q1 = 5*10-6C
q2 = -2*10-6C
F1 = 8.98755 * 109 *(5*10-6)* (-2*10-6)/ (0.5)2
= - 0.3595 N
For q3 charge
Force due to charge q3 on q2
F2 = 8.98755 * 109 *(5*10-6)* (-2*10-6)/ (0.5)2
= -0.3595 ...

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