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momentum of a moving mass

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On a frictionless ice, a block whose mass is A= 6 kg is sliding toward +x with a velocity VA= 8 m/sec, when it collides in a non-elastic collision with a block of mass B= 4 kg moving at an unknown velocity VB. After collision the joined blocks move with momentum P= 84 i + 48 j where i and j are unit vectors.
a. Find PB the original momentum of mass B before collision.
b. Find VB the velocity of mass B before collision using unit vectors.

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The momentum of a moving mass is determined. THe momentum and collisions in working are examined.

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The momentum of a moving mass is the product of its mass and its velocity. It is a vector in the same direction as the velocity.
In the momentum law "impulse = change of momentum", the impulse is the net force times the time of application, written as "Fnet* t". If the net force on a system is zero, then the law says that the momentum change must be zero. This is saying that the total momentum before and after ...

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