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Speed and Momentum Calculations

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A pitcher claims he can throw a 0.168 kg baseball with as much momentum as a 3.32 g bullet moving with a speed of 1.21584x10^5 m/s. What must be its speed if the pitcher's claim is valid? Answer in units of m/s.

This is an "explosion" question. A 30-06 caliber hunting rifle fires a bullet of mass 0.0115 kg with a velocity of 361 m/s to
the right. The ri?e has a mass of 2.87 kg. What is the recoil speed of the rifle as the bullet leaves the rifle?
Answer in units of m/s.

A revolutionary war cannon, with a mass of 1920 kg, fires a 17.2 kg ball horizontally. The cannonball has a speed of 133 m/s after it has left the barrel. The cannon carriage is on a flat platform and is free to roll horizontally. What is the speed of the cannon immediately after it was fired? Answer in units of m/s.

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Speed and momentum calculations are examined.

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Momentum = mass x velocity
Since the pitcher says his throw's momentum = momentum of bullet:

mass of ball x velocity of ball = mass of bullet x velocity of bullet
0.168kg x v = 0.00332kg x (1.21584x10^5)

v = 2402.731m/s = 2400m/s (significant digits)
(The claim is likely false ...

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