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    Two cars, moving at right angles, collide. Find x and y components of velocity

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    See ATTACHMENT #1 for a diagram.

    A Chevrolet whose weight Wc= 2700 lb is moving at Vc = 40 mi/hr at 0 degrees.
    A Bronco whose weight Wb= 3600 lb is moving at Vb = 60 mi/hr at 270 degrees.

    The vehicles crash and lock together then move as a unit.

    a. On the diagram, (not to scale) show all the given data.
    b. Showing units, find the mass of each vehicle in kilograms.
    c. Showing units, find the velocity of each vehicle in m/sec.
    d. Find the x and y components of the velocity of the unit after collision.

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    Part a.
    See ATTACHMENT #2 for a diagram with given parameters, also vector components of the final velocity as required.

    Part b.
    Note that to find the mass in kg of an object whose weight is given in pounds, you need the equivalent shown below:
    weight units: 2.2 lb = 9.8 nt
    You also need the relationship: Weight = mass x gravity or W = M g

    See ATTACHMENT #2 for the ...

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