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    Rocket Science: Heat Transfer Issues

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    In rocket science, heat transfer issues must be addressed. Use the attached pictures to become familiar with the basic design of a rocket. The heat from the inside of the throat wall travels to the outside of the throat wall by conduction.

    See attachment for graphics.

    An experimental rocket's combustion thrust chamber has an outside (cool) wall temperature of 135° C at the nozzle throat, with a 4500° C chamber temperature. The heat transfer rate through the throat wall is measured to be 2 x 107 W/m2. The liquid-cooled throat wall is made of 0.3 cm thick stainless steel with k = 26 W/m°C. Assume the coolant's surface area is equal to the hot gas's surface area. Calculate the inner or hot wall's temperature at the throat using the given information.

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    This is a rocket science problem that gives a basic design scenario of a rocket and asks you to calculate how the heat from the inside of the throat wall travels to the outside of the throat wall. The solution contains the step by step process to work through this problem. The applicable equations are stated and the calculation is done for the student to follow along.