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    Physics - Classical Mechanics

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    Circular Motion -

    1. (a) Find the proper banking angle for cars moving at 50 mi/h to go around
    a curve 1000 ft in radius.
    (b) If the curve were not banked, what coefficient of friction would be
    required between the tires and the road?

    2. A string 0.5 m long is used to whirl a 1 kg stone in a vertical circle a
    uniform velocity of 5 m/s. What is the tension in the string
    (a) when the stone is at the top of the circle and
    (b) when the stone is at the bottom of the circle?

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    (1) (a) Angle of banking = Theta = arctan(v^2 /rg)

    50 mi/h = 22.352 m/s, 1000 ft = 304.8 m

    Theta = arctan [22.352^2 /(304.8 * 9.8)] = ...

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    CLassical mechanics in physics is analyzed. The expert finds the proper banking angle for cars moving at 50mi/h to go around a curve. Complete, Neat and Step-by-step Solutions are provided.