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Dynamics engineering problem

1. The balloon A is ascending at the rate of v_A=12km/h and is being carried horizontally by the wind at v_w=20km/h. If a ballast bag is dropped from the balloon at the instant h=50m, determine the time needed for it to strike the ground. Assume that the bag was released from the balloon with the same velocity as the balloon. Also, with what speed does the bag strike the ground?

2. Determine the maximum height on the wall to which the firefighter can project water from the hose, is the speed of the water at the nozzle is v_C=48f/s.

3. Determine the smallest angel 0, measured above the horizontal, that the hose should be directed so that the water stream strikes the bottom of the wall at B. The speed of the water at the nozzle is v_C=48 ft/s.

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The ballast bag undergoes projectile motion and the vertical ...

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