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    Calculating time to return to starting point

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    A particle of mass m, initially at rest, moves in a circular path of radius r. The resultant force acting on the particle has a tangential component given by F = Kt. Express the time required for the particle to return to its starting point in terms of r, K, and m.

    I'm so confused on this one. So, there is an angular acceleration since the particle is going from rest to motion. I know I'm somehow supposed to relate this problem to Fnet = ma, but I am not sure what to do with F = Kt. Also, do I need to incorporate centripetal force?

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    Dear student,
    In such a problem you don't have to worry about the centripetal force because you have been given the force component along the path traced by the particle and distance traveled by the particle along this path (2pi*r).

    Because, along the tangential path, total distance to be traveled by the particle in one ...

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