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Interpretation and Reasoning of Electric Fields


If a charge of 8uC is at the top of the y-axis and -1.2uC is at the origin. The distance between the is 3cm. a third charge 7uC is on the x-axis. The distance between the second and third charge is 4cm. find
a) the electric field at the center of the triangle.
b) The electric potential at the center of the triangle.
c) The energy required to assemble the configuration of the charges in the triangle.
2) A parallel plate capacitor is formed of two 10cmX10cm plates spaced 1cm apart. The plates are charged to +/- 1nC. An electron is shot through a very small hole in the positive plate. What is the slowest speed the electron can have if it is to reach the negative plate.
3) A 100mg pith ball hangs by a thread in the center of a parallel plate capacitor. The capacitor plates are 5cm X 5cm and spaced 1cm apart. When the ball is charged to +10nC and the capacitor plates are charged to +/-Q, the ball hangs at a 3degree angle. What is Q?
4) A 6V and 3V battery is connected to a circuit with two parallel resistors of 6 and 12 ohms. How much power is dissipated by the 12 ohms resistor. What is the value of the potential at the four edges of the circuit.


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