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The Net Electric Field

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Question: Two charges, -18 and +4.0 microcoulombs, are fixed in place and separated by 3.0 meters. At what spot along a line through the charges is the net electric field zero? Locate this spot relative to the positive charge. Let the positive charge be at x=0 and the negative charge be at x=3.0 meters. Make sure the answer is in meters.

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The accompanying solution is comprised of a step-by-step explanation to guide a student through the necessary processes required in order to achieve the correct answer for the following physics problem. All the necessary calculations required to produce the answer are included, as well as reasoning for why the specific steps are being undertaken.

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Step 1: On an x axis with positive q1= 4E-6 clb at x= 0, and with a negative charge q2 = -18E-6 clb at x= 3.0 m. Let the distance between charges be L = 3 m.

Step 2: At a point where the net electric field must be zero, the respective fields of the two charges must be in opposite directions. At any point, the field of q1 is away from q1, ...

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