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Consider the situation that the charge is not distributed uniformly along the bar.

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Please show all the steps and calculations.

Consider the situation that the charge is not distributed uniformly along the bar. The bar is 4.531*10^-3 m long and is charged with 6.918*10^-9 C. We want to calculate the electric field strength at point P that is 1.115*10^-2 m away from the center of the bar. Assume that the charge density varies linearly along the bar, that is lamda(x) = kx where k is a constant.

2. For the case above find an exact expression for the electric field by evaluating an appropriate integral. Find an expression for lambda(x) in terms of Q and L and also the relation between x and r, remember that r is the distance from the element of charge dq to the point P. Evaluate the result.

Please see the attachment for complete question.

3. Is the little bar made of a dielectric material or is it metallic? Explain your reasoning.

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This solution helps with problems involving uniform distribution in electric and magnetic fields. Step by step calculations are given for each problem.

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