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Bromine and radiation energy

Bromine has two natural isotopes, BR-81 (49.5%) and Br-79 (50.5%)
a) What are the atomic numbers and neutron numbers of these isotopes?
b) Use this information to explain why the atomic weight of chlorine is 79.9

Br-80 decays by beta emission with a half-life of 17.6 minutes
a) Write down the decay equation showing the daughter nucleus and radiation products of this emission.
b) The daughter nucleus of Br-80 decay then decays by emitting a gamma ray. What further change will there be in this nucleus

a) What are the energies of the n=3 and n=1 energy levels of the hydrogen atom?
b) What is the energy of the radiation given off by a hydrogen atom when it changes from the n=3 to the n=1 state?
c) What is the wavelength of this radiation?

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