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The effect of different types of ionizing radiation

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Explain and give examples of the factors that can influence Relative Biological Effect (RBE). ***

Assignment: A 22 year old female is scheduled for a barium enema study. She informs you there is a possibility she might be pregnant. Explain how the Law of Bergonie and Tribondeau could determine the radiologist's decision on whether to perform the exam on your patient.

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The Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE) is the ratio of biological effectiveness of one type of ionizing radiation relative to another, given the same amount of energy deposited to the tissue (dose). In other words, some ionizing radiation has higher RBE and does more damage to the tissue than other type of radiation even though the same amount of dose is deposited to the tissue. To account for this difference, RBE is represented by the ...

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This solution discusses how different types of ionizing radiation affect biological tissue. A test case is also being discussed in which the Law of Bergonie' and Tribondeau is used to figure out if a barium enema test should be done on a possibly pregnant woman.

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