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    Capacitors in Parallel: What is the equivalent capacitance of the two capacitors? What is the charge stored on each capacitor?

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    Two capacitors, one 6.6 µF the other 29 µF, are connected in parallel across a 12 V battery.

    What is the equivalent capacitance of the two capacitors?

    And what is the charge stored on each capacitor?

    Q 6.6 µF =
    Q 29 µF: =

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    We need to find what the equivalent capacitance of this system of capacitors is.

    It would be helpful to remember what capacitors are.

    A capacitor is practically a container for charge. And as with any container, the more we fill it, the harder it is to continue filling it (think about a suitcase you are packing - in the beginning it seems that everything fits, but more stuff you try to cram in, the more pressure you have to apply in order to close it).

    So that capacitance of a container is actually the ratio between the amount of stuff you can put in it to the pressure you have to exert to put more stuff in.

    In electrical terms, this "electrical pressure" is the potential difference, and the "stuff" we are ...

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    The equivalent capacitance of the two capacitors are determined. The charge stored on each capacitor is discussed. The solution shows all the formulas used in solving the problem.