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Complex coupled circuits

The circuit configuration chosen is that of a pair of tuned circuits which are coupled together and both primary and secondary are tuned to the same frequency. The primary has an inductance of 1 mH and the secondary has an inductance of 1.5 mH. The resistance of the primary is 10 ohms and the secondary 12 ohms. the secondary is terminated in a load resistance of 1K ohms. If the coupling coefficient between primary and secondary is 0.75 find the impedance looking into the primary terminals at a frequency of 15KHz

The circuit is to be tuned over the given frequency range by means of capacitors which are connected in series with the primary and secondary. Calculate the capacitor range required such that the circuits will tune over this range

Find the resistance looking into the primary terminals when the circuit is tuned to a) 10KHZ and b)20KHZ

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Two circuits are coupled with the coils with given inductance, resistance and coefficient of mutual induction. The value of input resistance is calculated to tune the circuit for a given frequency range. Two different cases.