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Please see attachment: two questions 12, 13 with their figures, thank you.

12. In figure 25-31, the battery has a potential difference of V = 10.0 V and the five capacitors each have a capacitance of 10.0 uF.
What is the charge on (a) capacitor 1 and (b) capacitor 2?

13. In figure 25-29, a potential difference of V = 100.0 V is applied across a capacitor arrangement with capacitances C1 = 10.0 uF, C2 = 5.00 uF, and C3 = 4.00 uF. If capacitor 3 undergoes electric breakdown so that it becomes equivalent to conducting wire, what is the increase in
(a) charge on capacitor 1
(b) the potential difference across capacitor 1?


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